About ipack

A strong partner in the region

ipack is one of the first privately owned producers of aseptic packaging material in the Arabian gulf region. It was born as a result of the high regional market demand for aseptic packaging.

ipack believes in giving the customer more freedom and flexibility to help grow their business.

Our core strengths

Vision & Mission

We aim to take aseptic packaging to the next level through utilizing leading edge technologies.
We are committed to deliver innovative, affordable, environmentally friendly and safe packaging that help our customers in supplying outstanding products to the consumers, while contributing to the sustainable growth of the local community and economy.


At ipack we understand that the number one priority is the quality and reliability of the end product. That is why we ensure that our packaging material goes through rigorous inspection in order to meet the highest standards. We also believe that fair pricing, flexibility, ease of ordering and short lead time are as important as the quality of our products


A dedicated team with a combined experience of more than 100 years in aseptic packaging is one of the pillars of ipack’s success. Our multicultural team, has harnessed experiences from around the world and in different disciplines, to deliver ipack’s quality aseptic packaging to you.


At ipack, quality comes above everything. Our Team understands that a safe and reliable package is a key factor to consumer satisfaction. In order to ensure this, we only source our raw materials from approved quality suppliers which guarantee that we maintain the highest standards and deliver superior-quality aseptic packaging material.


Our factory employs a system of LGV’s and robots to handle orders in a clean and contamination free environment. We possess printing capabilities that have broken the regular limitations by being able to execute all of the design requirements with minimal restrictions and high efficiency on matters pertaining to colour, order quantities, and other vital matters.

Strategic Location

Our prime location at the heart of the MENA region, allows ipack to deliver aseptic packaging at minimal costs, especially to customers benefiting from the duty exemptions and regional trade agreements with the UAE. Accordingly, ipack can deliver to customers more often at cost effective rates, freeing resources such as money and space, to invest in growing your markets and overcoming competition.

ipack Milestones

February 2016

Ground Breaking

July 2017

Construction Completed

August 2017

Production Started

November 2017

First Exhibition Participation

April & May 2018

IMS & BRC Certifications

May 2021

Commissioning of second Printer

June 2022


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We also provide Technical support for customers through ipack’s customer support based across the MENA region.

Contact us at ipack to learn more about your supply of Roll Fed Aseptic packaging material.